Get to know the most beautiful parts of Brcko

Tips for tourists

In this text we’ll try not to throw all the informations from Wikipedia into your face. Everyone who knows how to use Google can find those kind of informations. What most visitors who are coming to Brčko can’t find are the informations about interesting places in town, good food, nice coffee shops and cultural and historical monuments.

Brčko is placed on north-east side of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Just in the city there is about 45 000 citizens, and Brcko District counts 95 000 people.

It’s placed on right coast of the River Sava, and in the middle centre of the town there is border crossing over to Croatia.

As you settle down, first thing you shoud do is visit city centre od Brčko, named ”Trg Mladih”.

The infuence of Austro-Hungarian Empire can be percieved on buildings, which gives you feeling like you are in some western-european city.

On ”Trg Mladih” there is beautiful fountain which is traditional symbol of Brčko. This peace of art is made by Sead Ekmečić in 1963. It took him 4 months to make sculpture of a boy and girl holding fish by it’s tail. He wanted to express connection of citizens of Brcko with their river Sava.

In the surroundings of the fountin we have gorgeous City hall, which was build in 1892. The architecs of the City hall were Aleksandar Vitek and Ćiril Iveković. The city of Brčko is recognized by this beautiful building, and in 2004. it was proclaimed as a nacional monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s open for visitors.

Promenade is located in the nearby of the city. If you walk along side of the coast you’ll bump into the most beautiful part of Brčko, which is Ficibajer- city excursion full of greenery. This peacefuly and wonderfull place will give you the feeling of sweet escape from city crowd. It used to have it’s own swimming area and water polo club. In 1953. Brčko was host of Republic water polo championship. One more interesting place to visit in Brčko is City Park.



Some of the cafes offer more than ordinary:

• Coffee Shop (Top-quality coffee and a wide selection of natural fruit juices)

• Pub Tri Sobe (Large selection of beer)

• Balkan Pub (Extremely nice interior)

• Cafe Boa (Extremely friendly service)

• Lounge bar Elti (Excellent service and great music)

• Caffe Vanila (The most convenient place on the promenade)

• Jazzwa (Nice garden)

• Ficibar (Great service)

• Corso 1 i 2 (Nice ambiance and top food in Corso 2)


Where to eat?

• Restoran Galerija (The perfect combination of food quality and prices)

• Grill Groš (The most convenient grill in the cit)

• Palačinkarnica Plazmica (Over 50 types of pancakes)

• Baron Gril (The most popular fast food in town)

• Pekara Toma (The best bakery in town)

• Fast Food Fresh (The best flan(pie) in town)

• Restoran “Sheher La Petite Cuisine” (Restaurant on the Sava River)

• Restoran San Marco (Great menu)

• Restoran “Marco Polo” (Top quality food)

• Restoran “MB Radić” (Huge portions for best prices)

Even though there is not many tourist attraction, in one we ca reassure you – our hospitality is on it’s finest. That’s what makes our city great. We hope you’ll leave this town only with great memories.